the morning of

I don’t know if the morning of my wedding

I’ll write to him

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you do not need to punish yourself

though your brain may try to convince you otherwise

you do not have to be good

you only have to wake up on the fourth alarm

and turn on the shower

and after that

if you go back to bed

you do not need to ask for forgiveness


I beg

you do not need to restrain yourself from the joy

you are deserving of every laugh

and every twirl

the world offers itself to your imagination

your brain does not have to allot the beauty your mind creates

just because it can’t nurture the complexities of it all

I can’t pretend to know exactly what it’s like

in your mind

but I can tell you

every color is seen differently by you

and every violin plays more delicate

Each heart beat tells the lungs to breathe again

a million more chances

you only have to take each chance

each chance

you only have to tell your brain,

“thank you, but I got this.”

and let every sky rain down on you

see your brain for its weakness

and then see everything else you’re capable of


you have everything in this world

you do not have to take it

if that’s a little too much right now

but if you asked

I’d grab it for you

and hold it close

to my chest

until you





Music is cool vol. 2

Songs to listen to really REALLY loud through a speaker 

Headlights by Tor Miller
Walkabout by Augustines
London Heart by Tenterhook
Roses by the Chainsmokers
Don’t Shy From The Light by Neulore
Trees by Twenty  One Pilots
On the Run by Westward the Tide
Montana by Youth Lagoon
Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers
We Belong by Reuben Bullock


Songs to listen to really REALLY loud through headphones

The Literal Heart by Penny and Sparrow
Fire/Fear by Head and the Heart
Like a River Runs by Bleachers
I Don’t Know by Peter and Kerry (Burberry acoustic)*
Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos
Once Upon Another Time by Sara Bareilles
Bad guys by Bombadil*
Bob in the Rain and the Lizard of Hope by Tom Rosenthal
You by Keaton Henson
Above The Clouds Of Pompeii by Bear’s Den

*the right versions are only on YouTube but they’re so beautiful just do it

Mash it up 

Emmy and I decided to scribble down some random lines from our old poems into a notebook (mines the cream colored hers the white), ripped them out and mismatched a poem together. 

She drew some pretty flowers and I outlined them in pen then we clued the papers on 

Turned out pretty beautiful. 

Here’s our outline before the finished product: